BLACKSWAN Foundation is active in the financial support of fundamental and early-stage research projects in rare and orphan diseases. In this context, RD-INSTITUTE is a natural development of its activities. The RE(ACT) Discovery Institute is the therapeutic discovery arm of the no-profit BLACKSWAN Foundation

The BLACKSWAN Foundation created the RE(ACT) Discovery Institute company (LLC), a not-for-profit company, and it is the only shareholder.

The relationship between BSF and RD-INSTITUTE is based on three interrelated pillars.

  1. Funding: BLACKSWAN Foundation is the guarantor of RD-INSTITUTE’s funding by channeling funds to support RD-INSTITUTE’s activities and project-specific funds.
  2. Governance: RD-INSTITUTE Board of Directors works under the aegis of BLACKSWAN Foundation. BLACKSWAN Foundation ensuring the quality of the RD-INSTITUTE’s management and defines the strategy.
  3. Independence: BLACKSWAN Foundation ensures the financial, scientific, and political freedom of the RD-INSTITUTE.